Rightsizing Your Housing

A Personal Perspective

About two years ago we had a huge six bedroom four bath house that met our needs well with three teenagers and a constant flow of their friends visiting etc.  We loved our big house with mountain views, finished basement and large yard and felt very comfortable there with plenty of friends in the neighborhood.  We realized looking ahead that our housing and financial needs would change in coming years and began to make plans for a transition.  Those plans anticipated an increase in expenses as our children entered college along with a decreased need of housing space as they moved out.  We now live comfortably in a three bedroom three bath home about half the total size we once had and couldn’t be happier.

Is your home the right size for you?

Everybody experiences life transitions from time to time that change their housing needs.  I am working with couples that have small children and more on the way who need to increase the size of their home to make room for the new addition.  With the recent adjustments to the economy I am meeting more and more clients that want to lower their overall expenses to reduce financial stress.  I have also seen a trend towards lower cost and lower maintenance to allow for an increased lifestyle. Here are a few questions that may help you determine if a change is needed.

  • Have you faced a recent increase or decrease in income?
  • Has your family size increased or decreased?
  • Do you anticipate a change in income or family size?
  • Does your current housing meet your lifestyle needs?
  • Is there a new area that you want to move to?

How can The Kuchar Team assist you in rightsizing?

There are three main ways that we can help you transition into the right sized home.

  1. Help you maximize the value of your current home. Click here for a more detailed page that outlines what we do for our sellers to get the most out of their existing home.  In a nutshell we analyze the property and offer suggestions on  improvements that will help the home sell faster and at a higher price.  We provide a professional home stager that will meet with you and assist with staging your home. A professional photographer will photograph your home and create a virtual tour.  Our marketer creates and prints amazing high quality brochures for the yard sign and interior of the home.  Your home is then give the online media blitz and upgraded/featured on the top real estate websites.  We let you know what needs to be done for your home to be at its best and then we market your home in places where buyers are looking. We are a full service Real Estate Team.
  2. Transition Easily into Next Home.   This is actually the part that requires the most skill and much depends on the financial ability of each client.  The ideal situation would allow the seller time and resources enough to purchase the next home without having yet sold the existing property.  However, most people need to sell their existing home in order to purchase the next home.  We suggest going out looking at homes together prior to placing the existing home on the market to help determine where you want to move and what you can get for what you want to spend.  Then continue the searching process while the current home is for sale.  In negotiating the sale of the existing property we attempt to get extra time between contract and closing to get the next home under contract.  In some cases we can negotiate extra time to move out after closing.
  3. Flexible Commissions to save you money.  You get full service without having to pay full price. How? Buyers and sellers want more and better services for less money and we have figured out a way to do it.  We joined one of the fastest growing and most advanced real estate organizations in the state of Colorado, Cherry Creek Properties LLC, with lower fees to brokers and we are passing the savings on to you.  Instead of fancy offices and high desk fees, we opt to work out of well equipped home offices using the latest technology and proven tools that work in today’s real estate market.  We have contract team members that work on a per-transaction basis instead of paying for full time staff.  During the past several years we have considered every aspect of the real estate business and found ways to provide excellent service at a fair price. Click Here for The Kuchar Team Real Estate Commission Rates. Does it really work?  See what recent clients of The Kuchar Team are saying.

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