8 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agents

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.comGet a great Education

  • Make sure that the education you are receiving is going to be respected among your colleagues. Also, the more educated you are about real estate, the more clients you will obtain. Once you begin to receive clients, more and more listings will start rolling in, along with more money.

Obtain your license

  • Once you have graduated, you need to get your license. Make sure you follow the correct requirements for the state you will be practicing in. Each state is different, so you must make sure you pay great attention to these details.

Save Money to get Started

  • In real estate, the money is strictly commission based, so make sure you put enough money away before you begin your career in real estate. There are also many start-up fees that come along with becoming a real estate agent. Some of these costs include:
    • Licensing fees and courses
    • Board of REALTORS membership dues
    • Business expenses (phone, computer, etc.)

Realtor or real estate agent?

  • Did you know that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a realtor? Well, there is! In order to claim the title “realtor”, you must join the National Association of Realtors. This is done by choosing an affiliated brokerage and attending a certain number of meetings near your location.

Choose the right real estate office for your personality and needs

  • Now, it is time to choose your home for the next set of years. Make sure this facility fits into your personality. You want to make sure you are going to get along with your co-workers, but mostly you need to make sure it is exactly what you were looking for in your workplace. Because you will be here for a while, you need to make sure you will be happy all around!

Learn about the market you are in

  • If you are a good real estate agent, you will be able to price homes appropriately. You will want to do some research around the area and see what other houses that are similar are going for and help them establish a competing price. You will need to do your homework. This takes time and effort. Learn all you can about the neighborhood you are working with.

Build a client portfolio

  • This part is the most important part of the business. You need to ask for referrals and stay in touch with former clients to keep you in the game. If you are good at what you do, your clients will help you grow your client portfolio by word of mouth. That type of advertising is the best there is.
  • One thing you might want to consider is creating an online portfolio that includes information about the properties for Sale/Sold, an about page, buyers, sellers, and any additional resources you can think of that will help you grow you client portfolio.

Never stop learning

  • Make sure you keep attending seminars and training sessions. These will help grow your knowledge in real estate and become a better agent. This field is always changing, so it is important to stay on top of these new changes. You can find many different seminars and training sessions by asking fellow agents or joining a real estate association that sends out these opportunities regularly.

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