Highlands Ranch Homeowners Get Mortgage Help

Highlands Ranch Homeowners Get Mortgage Help

Since the beginning of the “Mortgage Meltdown”, to which Highlands Ranch was not immune, there have been programs to help people stay in their homes rather than lose them to foreclosure. Many of these programs were reactionary in nature and offered little help to most troubled homeowners. I personally know of several families that applied to their lenders and the government for help only to be frustrated with the paperwork, guidelines and process of receiving help. Even if they found their way through the maze of bureaucracy and received some sort of help, the programs did not address the root of the problem and people ended up losing their homes anyways. The real issue for most people is Read the rest of this entry »

Denver Housing Market Recovery

Is 2012 The Beginning of a  Denver housing recovery?

I can remember back in 2005 when sales began to slow and prices stabilized then began to decrease. I could tell within 60 days that the market had changed and that we were in a downturn. I had no idea how deep and long it would be, but I knew something had changed. I get the distinct feeling that the real estate market is beginning to change again and this time Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking About Living in Highlands Ranch? Good Thinking!

Some reasons to consider making Highlands Ranch your home

living in highlands ranch

It’s not a secret what my opinion is when it comes to living in Highlands Ranch; it’s a great move! There are plenty of reasons for my opinion on the matter; great schools, great community, safe and secure environment, open spaces, gorgeous homes, proximity to Denver, proximity to the mountains, and, of course, the best neighbors in the state! While I think that everyone should be OK with simply taking my word for it, I realize that for some, my word alone isn’t enough. That’s why in today’s post I’m going to bring in some third party opinions which I think solidify my belief that if you are thinking about living in Highlands Ranch, well, that’s good thinking!


CNN Money

In 2010 CNN Money rated Highlands Ranch as the 12th best place to live in the nation, and the second best in Colorado! CNN cites the town’s 8,100 acres of undeveloped land, 22 recreational parks, activities such as hiking, biking and golfing, as well as a strong school district and consistent home prices all as reasons for this impressive ranking. According to CNN, one of the World’s most trusted news sources, if you are considering living in Highlands Ranch, there are a ton of good reasons why.



As one of the premier school rating sites on the web, greatschools.org lists over 200,000 public and private schools across the country, and uses reviews from over 800,000 parents, as well as other performance-based indicators (test scores, faculty ratings, etc) to rank each school system in the country. Needless to say, they are a high quality source for finding the nation’s top educational systems, and they rate Highlands Ranch schools a 9 out of 10! If you want the best possible education for your children (and what parent wouldn’t?) you simply can’t go wrong choosing Highlands Ranch.



This site has a lot of great information pertaining to quality of life standards of towns and cities across the United States. They rank Highlands Ranch the “number 3 City on the Edge of Greatness”, citing the relatively low unemployment, the great school system, and the steady population growth as indicators of it’s greatness.


So, there you have it. You no longer have to just take my word for it when I say that living in Highlands Ranch is a great decision. If you are interested in finding out what Highlands Ranch has to offer you and your family, please give me a call today, and let The Kuchar Team help you get into the perfect Highlands Ranch home for you.

Highlands Ranch Short Sales

Short Sales in Highlands Ranch

A Short Sale is the sale of a home where the owner owes the bank more than the property is worth. The bank is forced to either foreclose on the property or take less than is owed on the mortgage creating a “shortage”. Usually a person applying for a short sale has some sort of hardship that is causing them to no longer afford the home that they once qualified for.  The most common reasons for owners to consider a short sale is a loss of income due to unemployment or increase in expenses due to illness.  Another cause of short sales I come across is divorce.  When a divorce happens and the couple can no longer live together the remaining spouse is unable to afford the property with one income and they are forced to sell the home via short sale.

Falling Home Values Cause Short Sales

When I started selling homes in 1991 there weren’t any short sales.  Throughout the 90′s and into the mid 2000′s there weren’t many foreclosures so a short sale wasn’t really considered.  In most cases values were steadily increasing and people Read the rest of this entry »

Highlands Ranch Foreclosures

Foreclosures in Highlands RanchHighlands Ranch Foreclosure

As a real estate agent in Highlands Ranch I get asked about foreclosures and bank owned properties all of the time.  The perception is that by purchasing a bank repossession you are automatically getting a great deal thousands of dollars below market value.  There are definitely opportunities to be had in buying these homes but much of it depends on what type of buyer that you are ( owner/occupant or investor ) and what type of bank is selling the property.

Investor vs. Owner Occupant

In recent years with the government involvement with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the selling of these bank assets has changed.  Very similar to HUD Homes ( HUD Homes are FHA loans that have been foreclosed upon ) both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Read the rest of this entry »

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