Highlands Ranch Mountain View Homes

Many people want to see the mountains from their homeHighlands Ranch Mountain Views

When my wife and I began our home search here in Highlands Ranch, we began as most people do with a wish list.  There were the criteria that the property had to have and then the list of what would be nice to have.  With our size family, we had to have at least four bedrooms and 2,400 square feet.  We wanted a large basement as a place for the kids to enjoy when we entertained guests. The other must have was a view of the mountains.  When we moved to Highlands Ranch, we rented for the first year to give us time to find the house that we really wanted and the rental was backing to open space with a wide open view of the front range.  Waking up to see the mountains every day was enough to get us hooked and mountain views were added to the must have list when we bought our home.

Mountain Views add value in Highlands Ranch

We quickly realized as most people do that we would have to pay extra to get a decent view of the mountains.  The builders and developers Read the rest of this entry »

Patriots Day In Highlands Ranch 2010

Do Something Special for a Service Professional on Patriots Day

Highlands Ranch Patriot Day

Highlands Ranch Patriot Day

September 11th brings up a ton of emotions for me each year as I remember the terrorist attacks in 2001.  I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing that morning.  It is as if that happened just yesterday.  Instead of focusing on the anger I feel towards our enemies, I choose to focus on the gratitude I have for those who serve me and my community on a daily basis.  Yes this included the police officer that writes me a ticket when I got caught speeding. I have a brother and cousin that are in law enforcement and can tell you that I know it is a tough job.  It is tough on both the individual and their families.

September 11th in Highlands Ranch

This year and for every year to come I plan to go out of my way to thank every police officer, nurse, fireman, and military person that puts themselves in harms way in order to make me safe.  It doesn’t take much effort to take a meal to a local fire department or pick up a gift card and give it to somebody in that specific occupation with a card of thanks.  If I don’t have enough time to show my gratitude then something is really wrong.  I’d like to ask anyone who reads my blog to join me in honoring those who serve this weekend and every September 11th from now on.

Here are a few locations where we can go to say thanks and/or drop off items of gratitude.

Highlands Ranch Stations -

Where are the fire stations that serve Highlands Ranch?

Fire station # 16 is located at 8119 Blakeland Drive off Santa Fe Drive.

Fire station # 17 is located at 9554 South University Boulevard in Highlands Ranch.

Fire Station # 18 is located at 401 Timbervale Trail near the intersection of S. Broadway and Lucent Boulevard.

City of Lone Tree Police Department –

9777 S Yosemite St Littleton, CO 80124 (303) 339-8150

Please come back and post a comment on the bottom of the blog and let me know how you spent your Patriots Day.

Websites That Highlands Ranch Realtors Do Not Want You To Know About

Best Websites To Get Real Estate Information in Highlands RanchShhh It's A Secret

I am not afraid to share some of the best places on the web to get real estate information with you.  Some of these sites you probably already know about and others will be a surprise. I will share with you where the sites are at and what  each of them does well.  Ultimately you will need to contact a Real Estate Agent in order to see them and write and offer.  Hopefully my willingness to share with you some great research tools will create enough interest to warrant and interview for the job of representing you in the purchase of your next home.

When it comes to Home Prices and Home Values in Highlands Ranch as well as Real Estate trends, Zillow.com is probably the best site to look at.  It is best to look at the data over a two year time frame so that you can compare for adjusted seasonality.  For example it is important to know that home sales slow down in the winter here in Colorado.  That way when there is a 6% drop in sales from November to December, you understand that it happens every year and is normal.

Home Foreclosure Information in Highlands Ranch

The best site to find information about home foreclosures and foreclosure trends would be Read the rest of this entry »

Cash Is King When Buying Homes in Denver

Denver Bank Takes 20K Less Than Highest Offer To Get CashDenver Cash Offer

I couldn’t believe my ears this morning when I received the call.  In fact the agent who was calling me was surprised that the asset manager at the bank took our offer even though it was 20K less than the “highest and best” offer.  The ironic thing is that the bank reps accepting offers on bank owned properties would rather not deal with their own lending institutions.  Has lending gotten that difficult lately? Wouldn’t you think that the bank who owned the property would prefer that their own company get the loan???

A Tale of Two Offers

I will give you the quick scenario on the cash offer.  The property was a 4 BR tri-level with a basement Read the rest of this entry »

100% Financing in Littleton Still Exists

No Money Down Loans in Littleton???

No Money Down Financing

No Money Down Financing

I received a mail from local mortgage broker in Littleton the other day.  She works for KeyBank as a loan officer. She was telling me about a loan program that allows borrowers to get up to 100% loan to value. This is an amazing loan program because most loans today require at least 3.5 percent down just to go FHA.  On top of 3.5% down the FHA loan also requires PMI insurance and an up front funding fee of 2.25%.  The loan from Read the rest of this entry »

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