Best Highlands Ranch Pizza Restaurant

Nicolo’s Pizza Is The Best in Highlands Ranch

Nicolos Pizza

Nicolos Pizza

My family and I were in the mood for pizza the other night and decided to check out Nicolo’s Pizza in Highlands Ranch 303-791-9800.  We had a great time and so I thought I’d take a break from writing only about Real Estate and tell you about the experience.  It was a Friday night and we had our family of five plus our son’s friend Elliott who might as well live with us.  The place was busy but there was no waiting so we were seated pretty fast.  They asked for our drinks and brought out some rolls.

A Pizza Place that you can sit down and eat at.

Many of the quick pizza chain places are fine for take out, but I like to be able to sit in a restaurant and get served.  The atmosphere was good and comfortable for our family, not too loud.  Like I said earlier, they brought out drinks and bread within a few minutes of getting there.  We ordered a cheese pizza Read the rest of this entry »

New FHA Policy Will Have Denver Home Sellers Making Repairs

Denver Home Sellers Restricted on Buyer Credits

Denver Home Sellers

Denver Home Sellers

Beginning this summer, new FHA regulations will reduce allowable seller concessions from 6% to 3% according to a recent announcement from US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Every new regulation that comes out is designed to protect consumers in some way.  This new policy will be put in place to restrict inflating property values in order to pad the purchase price with lending fees, closing costs and repairs.  The less desirable effect of this policy change will effect Denver home sellers as well as home buyers if there is a need to give a credit to the buyer for home repairs that the seller cannot complete prior to closing.

3% Seller Credit Used to Pay Buyer Closing Costs

FHA loans require that a buyer have 3.5% down payment ( rumored to be increasing to 5% some time this summer ) in order to get an FHA loan.  Many home buyers have to save and scrape together just enough for that down payment.  Since much of their money goes towards the down payment, they do not have and extra 3% to pay for closing costs, escrows, insurance, pre-paid interest, and appraisals so they ask the seller to contribute that money on their behalf.  Many sellers agree to these terms because they understand that the buyer for their home doesn’t have the additional funds and if they did not make those contributions, the buyer would not be able to purchase the home.

And Then Comes the Dreaded Inspection

Imagine that the full 3% seller concession has to be used for closing costs etc.  Now imagine that a few items show up on the home inspection that require repairs.  On FHA loans, the FHA appraiser also inspects the home to make sure that the property is FHA insurable. Lets pretend that an independent inspector that is hired by the buyer finds repairs that should be made totaling $2,000.  In the past, the seller could credit $2,000 to the buyer at closing for the repairs and the buyer did the work after closing.  That type of credit will quickly become a thing of the past for many real estate transactions.  The transaction would no longer be in compliance with the new policy because seller concessions exceed 3%.

There is Risk for Sellers Who Make Repairs

Many sellers prefer to give buyers a credit at closing for repairs instead of fixing the problem or perceived problem.  They prefer that because there is risk in doing the repairs.  Have you ever heard of a real estate closing that didn’t happen?  In my 17 years of selling real estate I can assure you that financing can fall apart the day of the closing. The sellers may have spent money to complete repairs needed to close the deal only to end up empty handed at the closing.  Just to complicate things even more, what if the transaction is a short sale and the seller doesn’t have any money to do the repairs?  How would you comply with the policy and get the repairs done?

Creative Solutions Required to Navigate the New FHA Policy

This policy isn’t even in place yet, but the announcement will be made in February. I am looking for ideas from lenders, Realtors and others in the industry to address this issue that will effect real estate transactions in Denver this summer.  One idea that I have is to have a check cut to the contractor at closing from the sellers proceeds.  The credit to the contractor would be in compliance because it is on the HUD and disclosed to all parties.  The buyer would hold on to the check until the work is complete.  The only problem that I see is that a red flag will go up for the lender asking what that credit to the contractor is for.  One thing to be sure of, expect delays during the next few months while everyone figures out what they can do and not do.

Anti-Flipping Rule Good for Denver Investors???

Housing and Urban Development Removes 90 Day Seasoning Rule

Investors Rehab Home

Investors Rehab Home

This might not seem like a big deal to most home buyers in our average to higher end real estate market, but this will effect many first time home buyers in Denver.  In the past, an investor had to wait 90 days to sell a fix and flip home to an FHA buyer.  Since many of these investors need to turn their cash quickly, the homes sold to buyers with cash or conventional financing.  That left many FHA buyers looking at homes that they could not buy due to the government restrictions.  Those FHA buyers in Denver are now going to be on a level playing field with other buyers who have cash and conventional financing.

Will competition for lower priced homes increase?

The competition for homes in good condition under 200K is already pretty intense in and around Denver.  Now that the restriction is lifted Read the rest of this entry »

North Star Academy West Coming to Highlands Ranch

Charter schools are in high demand in Douglas CountyHighlands Ranch Students

Your may want to learn about a new Core Knowledge preschool – 8th grade charter school is coming to Highlands Ranch.  The original vision for the school was created in 2004 by a group of Highlands Ranch parents with a strong desire to create a more challenging and meaningful educational program for their children and the community at large.  The founders successfully opened North Star Academy in Parker in August 2006.

Familiar Faces at North Star Academy West

Many individuals from the original founding team have joined our NSA West Board of Directors and parent volunteer base to ensure a successful opening. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Get Free Snow Removal in Highlands Ranch

South Facing Reality About Snow Removal

I love getting things for FREE.  Why do you think one of the most popular categories on Craigslist is the FREE section?  You are probably an el cheapo like me and that is how you ended up on my blog looking for free stuff.  Maybe you thought that it was a teen youth group doing good deeds to reach out to the neighbors.  It’s not even that complicated.  All you need to do is buy a house or town house with a south or southwest facing driveway and a little patience.  In fact if you are REALLY patient it doesn’t matter what Read the rest of this entry »

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