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Town of Parker Overview

Located east of Denver and well within Douglas County, Parker is a prime location for any individual or family looking for a small town setting while still being just a hop, skip, and a jump from Denver.  Parker offers a wide range of activities from shopping along main street to biking through the quaint suburbs.  So, if you’re looking for a small town feeling but don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere, investing in a piece of Parker Real Estate may just be for you.

History of Parker

The town of Parker began as a railroad stop, back when horse and carriage was the main mode of transportation. As time went on the stop became a small settlement and trading post that slowly grew from there.  Today the railroad is gone and the old station is now a museum, but people still come and go either on their way to Denver or Colorado Springs as they did so many years ago. Growth is no stranger to Parker as the town has really exploded in the past 10 years and this growth has made Parker the 18th largerst municipality in Colorado. Naturally, this explosion has spawned the construction of thousands of homes, making the  Parker Real Estate industry grow as well.

Parker Community

The community of Parker is very friendly. Community activities take place year round and range from things like Parker Days, which is a week long carnival, to movies in the park, which happens a couple times during the summer in O’Brien park. Main street is a great place to spend some time during the day with the family with tons of neat little shops and restaurants. At night the bars open up for a energetic night life scene that adults can enjoy. Parker’s schools are excellent, as the district attacks come of the finest teachers and administrators in the state. All these things together, combined with friendly people who inhabit the town itself make Parker and ideal community for anyone especially if you have a family!

Parker Real Estate

The Parker Real Estate market has come up over time with the growth of the town itself.  Housing options range from living in a suburban development or apartment to mansions and houses that are located out near the country for those who want some land to go along with their house. Whatever you decide on you can always guarantee that the community you live in will be top notch and you’ll love your neighborhood. Parker is an awesome town and should be a place to focus on for families raising children or for people who want a small time feeling without being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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